Sunday, November 16, 2008

my new pants..

Hi everyone!! I just got back from spent my day with my family and friends.. Kinda tired actually but I have to do some research at the internet for my assignment from campus.. But, I have an important (fashion) thing to tell.. I went to Pusdai Friday Market with Manda on Friday. We were hunting for some cheap clothes at bargain prices.. Cos' we're planning to make a garage sale on Wednesday and Thursday.. While we were hunting, I found a fashion treasure!!!! A unique harem pants!!!!!!!!!!!! yiiiiippppppiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And the best part was it only cost me Rp 4000 (about 50 cent!!!) hahahahahahahaha!!!!! Manda was a little bit jealous and she said that it was my best buy! I love my harem pants and it really fits me... hip hip horraayyyyy!!!!
Today, I went for lunch with my family at Sushi Tei (fyi, I was wearing my new harem pants) then we went to IBCC. After that, my dad needed a hair cut. While I was waiting, I decided to get a manicure pedicure and a hair treatment.. Rika and her bf, Handy, picked me up after I finished then we went to PVJ..

white tee: Zara
colorful harem pants: Pusdai Friday Market
gladiator: Kuyagaya
yellow slouchy bag: my sister's own
bangles: Malioboro Market, Jogja

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