Wednesday, April 22, 2009

adorable ghost ^_^

Last month, I went shopping to TokoTuku Garage Sale. They sold a lot of things but it was waayyy too expensive for a second hand stuff.. (My own Garage Sale is a lot cheaper though.. hehehh!!) But I spotted these cute comic ghost straw handbag and it's brand new and cheap!! And once again, 100% made in Indonesia!! Well, the seller told me that the brand that make this handbag also have their line at Alun-Alun Indonesia, Grand Indonesia. The handbag cost me about IDR 100.000 at TokoTuku but if you buy it at Grand Indonesia maybe it'll be much more expensive... like mooreeee expensive.. Soo lucky mee!!!

Sorry for the poor quality picture..

I use my camera phone because my sister borrowed my digicam..

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Annisa Anjani said...

love the bag! it looks cute!
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