Monday, July 06, 2009

The One

Went to watch Transformers at PVJ with my guy today. We were passing by Charles & Keith while I saw up to 70% discount inside the store. For like a hundred times, I came into the store and looked around for some cute shoes. My options was a stripe pointy pump with a 3 cm heels and flower on top of the shoes and a 9 cm black leather heels. After a few mintunes negotiate with my guy (he kept remembering me that I already have a lot of shoes and I didn't need to add a few more and he kept ask me  if I really need it?? Well, women may have a lot of shoes but we never feel that we had too much rite??!!hohohoho!!!!)

Finally I picked  the black leather one with 9 cm heels.. And the best part was the shoes was in 65% discount!! Plus it was comfortable but still sexy..



mousharilla said...

Charles & Keith = LOVE. :D Nice choice 'chan!

Daniella said...

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