Sunday, June 13, 2010

The A Team and Best Buys

On friday, I bought a dress, two top, and a shirt from Proud Parents from AOD Hysteria 2010 (preview) Sample Sale. I only spent around $30 for 4 items! Saturday, my guy and I went to Ciwalk, Bandung and watched The A Team and it was fun, full of action, and super hilarious!! After that, I noticed there's a hat store (forgot the name! sorry!!) and next thing I know, I bought 3 hats and a (super cheap!) bow tie and it only cost me around $20 !!


unbranded halter top, Proud Parents bow back oversize shirt (sample), unbranded winter beanie, Mango leather belt, dad's socks, Charles & Keith shoes


Proud Parents squared top, Zara boyfriend jeans, Zara ankle boots, unbranded hat, unbranded necklace


                      Proud Parents dress, unbranded hat, unbranded bow tie, Eight espadrilles, Guess watch


Waiter/Waitress wrap jumpsuit, Toko Tuku bow hair clip, unbranded necklace, Eight yellow espadrilles


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love ur outfits
i adore them all
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selly octavia said...

blogwalking.. :)

I love the first and last outfit.. :))

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