Thursday, August 19, 2010

Support Local Brand #1

Nowadays, our local fashion brand has been developing to another level. Lately, Indonesia has been recognized by the international fashion world as one of third world countries that have a lot of extremely promising talented designers.



One of our local denim brand, Easton, offers different types of denim for men and women. In my opinion, they more accentuating on the denim material and pattern making rather than on the style itself. I think it's quite genius because it's really hard finding a perfect pair of jeans that fits perfectly on someone's body and comfortable at the same time. Easton denim is about simple, clean cut, and comfortable. also gave a great recommendation on this Easton jeans.

Check it out here and here.

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Now I'm wondering if it could fit my body perfectly. I'm having trouble on finding a perfect pair of jeans.. Maybe I should give this one a shot.

For more detail on Easton, just click


i am haters said...

brand apaan nih...

EASTON said...

Thank you for the blog post :)
Much appreciated..

melvin said...

great & love local brand =)