Monday, November 01, 2010

Black is My Thing

I always went for black, misty gray, or blue when it comes to color. Apparently bright colors and floral motif aren't my style. I always love something unique and different than everyone else.

unbranded cropped sweatshirt, unbranded rolled up biker jeans, Closet Queen wedges, unbranded wing ring

Motel dress, Converse sneakers, unbranded hat, unbranded wing ring

NN:02 dress, Mango cardigan, Forever 21 necklace, Zara heels

Playground 2010 official T-shirt by 16DS, tailor made blazer, Zara jeans, Zara strappy heels, Braun Buffel clutch

Psst.. I wore the last outfit on Sunday afternoon date with my guy ;p

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