Wednesday, May 11, 2011


If others could imitate the style of Alexa Chung, Agyness Deyn, or Rumi Neely or perhaps maybe just took the essentials and try to look like them, I'm sure no one could ever do what this lady did in the terms of fashion and style. Meet the most stylish woman in Paris, Catherine Baba. The Australian born fashion stylist, are considered to be one of few most stylish women in Paris because of her strong personal style. Her style is a brilliant mix between 30's old Hollywood glamor, Japanese traditional style, a bit of 70's, and a lot of vintage Yves Saint Laurent. After living in Paris for 15 years, she managed to ride a bicycle almost everywhere she go with her high heels on. Nothing beats her, for sure!


Arsavin666 said...

wow really cool design of the clothes worn

Vanesh said...

clothes worn look glamorous