Friday, September 16, 2011

Sick vs Healthy

OMG! I was totally forgot to say this, Happy Eid Mubarak! Better late than never aite? Anyway, since day 1 of Idul Fitri, I have been sick and spent a week in the hospital. As I write this post, I'm still in my pajamas, in my house, and trying so hard to do (almost) everything what my doctors told me to. (So today should be day.... mmmm... day 16 of me being sick.. Yikesss!!). Take this pill and that pill, sleeps a lot, no stress, no outside food (but I'd secretly been eating a lot of choco cake and Warung Pasta's Polar Bear rice. Yuuuummmm??!!!!), eat lots of veggies and fruits (by a lot I mean I hardly eat any meat! Okay, except the Polar Bear. ;p). I never got sick this long and I didn't realize the importance of being healthy before now.

It took three doctors to figure out what my disease was (and I know until my last day in the hospital, they still not quite sure what my disease was), a week in hospital, expensive hospital bills, a lot of phone credits (when I was in hospital, my parents were in Mecca for 20 days), and blah..blah..blah...! So, 3-4 days after I got out from the hospital, I went to my dad's doctor and he said that I have a digestive problem. In medical world, it's called syndrome... umm... (arrgghhh!!! I hate those complicated hard to read and remember medical words!!). And said the doctors in the hospital got it all wrong (but hey, still thanks to them I felt a lot better back then). I took my dad's doctor prescription and be a very-good-stay-at-home girl. He made perfectly clear that I have to eat more veggies and fruits and no stress at all because he said when I stressed out, even just a bit, it will effect my stomach and the ability to digest food properly.

As you can see, from what I've told you, the bottom line is eating healthy food and balancing life is super important. If you work hard, play a bit harder! Even stress can make you sick really bad. My mom always say that being sick is expensive and healthy is a lot cheaper. I guess she's right.

So, besides plastic surgery, real fur, and pimples, I also hate being sick!!

P.S. I miss work so much!!!!!!

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