Monday, December 12, 2011

Rocky Paradise

Since my short escape to Bali a few months ago, I've been having a huge interest of visiting other beautiful cities, places, especially virgin beaches anywhere in Indonesia. So my friends and I decided to went on a short holiday to Belitung 2 weeks ago and we had a great time! Well not really at first, because the first day, the weather was terrible and we couldn't do anything on the beach besides having seafood for lunch while it was raining hard outside. So day 1 failed. Day 2, the weather was a bit nicer even though it was raining on the morning but during the day, the rain stopped. We thought we could do some island hopping but instead the local fisherman told us that the waves still rough and dangerous. Okay cancelled.But our disappoinment were paid off by taking pictures and climbing thousands of rocks around Tanjung Kelayang and Tanjung Tinggi. Super fun!! It was amazingly beautiful even the sky was a bit dark due to bad weather. Final day, finally the sun smiled at us! The weather was nice and we did some island hopping. Me and the boys even test our adrenaline by jumped from 5 meters tall rock to the sea! We did snorkling too but the water weren't clear enough because it's rainy season.

For those who are planning on going to Belitung, here's a bit of advice:
1. DO NOT go between November - March or April, because the weather's gonna be teribble. When I arrived on Dec 2nd, the locals told one of my friend that Belitung has been raining non stop for the last 2 months. My oh my... Early May - September or October are the best months.
2. If you decided to go to Belitung, do remind yourself that you only went there for one reason that is the beach. Period. Because when the nite time comes, there's absolutely nothing to do. No bar, no fancy restaurants, no cinemas, nothing! So do bring cards, dvds, or may be have your beauty sleep.
3. Rent a car with a good experienced local driver. It'll save your time, money, and energy because you can use him as you tour guide too so you don't need to ask around everytime and everywhere you go considering one beach to another is pretty far (very few road signs also).
4. When it comes to accomodation, I highly recommended to stay at Hotel Martani. Even though it's a very old hotel (at first it was a bit spooky but later it wasn't so bad at all) but it was very clean, neat, and super comfy at a very reasonable price too.
5. DO TRY the local food because everything's super delicious and cheap! From fresh seaside seafood restaurant, pempek Belitung, Mie Belitung Atep, and tekwan on the city beach. Super yummy!!!! Oh for those of you who alergic to seafood, KFC's the one and only fast food in town.
6. Bring underwater camera, the sea are so clear you can see the fish swimming around from your boat.
7. Bikinis or swimsuit, sunblock cream, sunglasses, hat, tissues, camera and pair of flip flops are must bring items everywhere you go.

More photos to come!!


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