Saturday, June 20, 2009

Doc and Bow

I recently purchased these brown patent Doc Mart from Garage Store and purple bow hair clip from Toko Tuku.. I'm using my camera phone because my sister had been borrowing my digicam since I can't remember when.

thrifted top, Zara harem pants, Garage Store Doc Mart, Toko Tuku bow hair clip, Dreamcatcher necklace, random bangles


Ringa Dinga Boing Boing said...

heey...i went through your blog, and i think i love your taste of style.
Wanna exchange links?
Or maybe can i just link you?

vorega badalamenti said...

eehh ada oq jugaaa

nice outfit.. =)

Ringa Dinga Boing Boing said...

@vorega: anak..hahha

Owkey...aku link juga yaah!

ichan said...

thanks guys!!

Carla Novia said...

cool shoes!