Friday, July 31, 2009

Black VS White

Went to Jakata last Wednesday.. Got myself two new pairs of shoes.. White studded jazz shoes from Mitchybell and black maryjane peeptoe heels from Mango.. They're both are on sale!! :p Well, I share the black one with my sister though. Heyy, it's a smart way to spend your cash rite.. Share the payment with ur sister and use it by turns. Although the shoes are rather small to me (I'm size 40 and my sister's size 39) but I don't care. Passion is a pain..


fashion eyes said...

the shoes was very cute. i love each other. please follow me and comment me. thanks a lot ♥♥

Silvestre said...

wow! Beautifull shoes.
My favoutite - black. very oryginal.
Maybe you made outfit with it?
Feel invite :) :

Silvestre said...

Your skirt is sooo beautiful!
J'm in love...
And shoes are fantastic too. :)
Great outfit.
Feel invite ;P :

myrrh goldframe said...

hello dear! thank you for comin my blog. Sure you can have my email. Feel free to send me the message Let me know after you send the message, would you? ;))

-lauretha sudjono-

myrrh goldframe said...
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michellehendra said...

great shoes! :) well.. you have to blog for some more! :)


Little Bo Peeep said...

That studded jazz shoes are very awesome!