Saturday, January 05, 2013

Aspects of Life According to Sapto Djojokartiko

Have you ever had a goosebumps when you see something so beautiful you just practically blown away? That's exactly what I felt every time Sapto Djojokartiko showcases his designs, especially when I saw his latest Spring Summer 2013 collection during Dewi Fashion Knights last November 2012.

Inspired by Vastu Vidya, an architectural concept with the philosophy that architecture is not just any architecture but it is also created to give linear alignment to every aspects of life. Sapto had successfully translated Vastu Vidya belief into a mind blowing designs. The difficult beadings and laser cut out details were influenced by reliefs, textures, and sculpture commonly found on dwelling created based on the Vastu Vidya belief.

Photos courtesy of Sapto Djojokartiko

With the use of ivory, silver, and black as the main color in the collection, Sapto has managed to bring out truly "every aspects of life" as one beautiful combination. The collection has everything a woman wants. It's sexy, beautiful, elegant, mysterious, but also versatile at the same time. Mr. Sapto Djojokartiko never fails to mesmerize my eyes and captured my heart and of course every fashion fanatics'. I personally love the laser cut cocktail dress and oversized blazer. And oh talk about those beautiful crowns! It just a perfect little details to be add on his entire collection.

Check out the complete version of his Vastu Vidya collection during Dewi Fashion Knight on Sapto's official Facebook page and click here to get to know him much more and a closer look to his breath taking previous collections.


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