Thursday, February 12, 2015

My New Friend, Ericdress.

For the past few years, i'd been busy at work and now I'm a stay at home... drumroll please... WIFE!! Yeaayyyyy...

Ok, I'll tell all about it later. Now let's talk fashion! Yup, I haven't been touching that subject for a year! Lately, I almost like a caveman doing nothing but cuddling with my hubby and travelling. Oh well you know, newlyweds... ;p But I still randomly reading some fashion news and what's the trend this season. After all I still excited when my favourite season come on fashion week. Fall/Winter baby, yeah!!

Indonesia only have two seasons, unfortunately. Because I love layering my clothes with jackets or knitwear and then pair it with a great shoes. I always think it's one of the easiest way to make a bold fashion statement. Before kicking off fall winter 2015 in just few days, these are some of my favourite fall trend in 2014.




Aren't they all gorgeous??

I rarely buy designer items when it comes to clothing. Because I get bored easily, the trend comes and goes just like that plus it's quite expensive and I rather spend the money on travelling. So what I normally do is just find the substitute in similar cuts, model, or even colour. That way I won't break my wallet. And I stumble upon and just went cray!! I browse through the site and found heaven here, and it's full of any kind style, colour, material, cutting, anything, you name it! They got it all.

These are my picks that's on trend and crazy low prices!

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Other than on trend and statement coat, also carries a lot of basic blazer with a little twist. 

And oh, they also got some amazing blouses, dress. and even wedding dresses. Wanna see more? Just click here!